Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Inquiry Learning

This term's theme in Team Rocket is all about being a New Zealander and identifying
what makes us Kiwi.  Each teacher is taking a series of 4 lessons where the students interpret this theme through music and dance, trying out kiwi basic skills, and visual art. The first round of lessons was extremely successful and today we are into the second round. The students are grouped across the team so they are getting the opportunity to learn with a different set of peers and practise their Key Competencies in different contexts.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Room 5

Back in Room 5 again having a great day.  After reading and acting out THe Three Billy Goats Gruff we have been looking at little, middle sized and big.  Here we are making little things bigger with the magnifying glasses.
James brought his PIrate bandana to school today so we made up a song " What shall we do with the cheeky pirate?" The students came up with all sorts of creative ideas for the verses.  Watch out any pirates that come to school!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Discovery with Room 9

We had a fantastic afternoon in and out of the Discovery Room today. We were practising perseverance at a task and tidying up after completion. But really we just had a great time.

Room 5's Caterpillars

The students in Room 5 made some wonderful caterpillars yesterday. We took them outside so they could find something to eat. Can you find the caterpillars in our garden?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Getting Around

This year is very different for me as I move around the Year 1&2 and 3&4 Learning Teams. It is a privilege, however, to be able to get into the classrooms and get to know the students. What a lovely bunch of students we have at Temuka Primary School. They use their manners, listen to instructions and try their hardest to do their work. They keep their classrooms tidy and respect each other. 
I have to try to remember to take my iPad with me each day and take some photos to share with you. This isn't easy as I get absorbed in what is happening in the classroom and only remember to take the photo once the action is over!
Here is Corbett with the dodecahedron he made in maths time. We had to google the shape to find out its proper name. Well done Corbett.
Here are Room 5 sharing their Best Bear pictures. They came up with some really great names for my very old bear.
Room 2 are practising their fa on the whiteboards. They worked very hard to get them neat and correct. Tino pai rawa Room 2.
Ka kite
Mrs Fuller